Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Away ~ Lewisburg PA

Hubby and I had a wonderful weekend
away visiting dear friends in Lewisburg PA.

We were up at the crack of dawn on
Saturday AM.  Two miles down the
road we saw 3 beautiful deer. I don't know
if it was two does and a buck (siblings) or
a buck dad and two doe babies. They
were so sweet.  Wish I had out my camera.

We headed for breakfast at our favorite
travel spot hah

Cracker Barrel

They were selling these new Cd's from
Clint Black - played it on the drive it
is so good. Especially the song below.
Melts your heart !

He wrote it based on this photo:

We arrived in Lewisburg PA

I love this little town.
It is the home of Bucknell University.
Many kids from NJ go to Bucknell.
The campus is really beautiful.
The ride there along the Susquehanna River
was lovely.

Can you see the pretty purple wild flowers?

Here we are in our group shot.
Maredith, Cindy, Me, Cindy's hubby Bob
and my hubby Gary
Here I am with Sara my dear friend
and for many years.
We had a lovely BBQ
Then we went a few towns over to the
West End Fair in Union County.

It was a blast!  Perfect small town fun!

Here I am by my John Deere
"nothing run's like a deere" hah

They had the 4-H animals
Sweet little goat
Large cows - gosh they are so huge

Precious bunnies

My hubby's favorite

This pigs cracked me up drinking from the
water spigot.

Fair Food

We had such a great BBQ that all we wanted
was a nice fresh squeezed lemonade.
I love these new scarfs. You know the kind
that seem to twirl. I've seen them at so many
crafts shows in NJ but they are so expensive
$ 40.00 I just can't pay that much for a scarf.
Well they had some at the fair and they
were at a good price $ 16.00
Here's the one I chose PINK of course.
Tractor Pull - all lined up waiting for their turn

And they are off !

Here's the Tractor pull track.
There was the most beautiful sunset last night.
These pictures don't do it justice.
It was so bright pink.

This morning we got up early and had a nice
breakfast at Perkin's then we were off to visit
some more before heading back to NJ.

We went to Country Cupboard
(no it wasn't snowing in August hah
 grabbed this off internet)

Here's our favorite MLB got himself a cupcake.
(translation Major League Ballplayer)
Nice big baseball cupcake !

Then sadly it was time to head home.
Times goes so quickly.

We forgot about the Parkway traffic on
Sunday's in New Jersey. All the folks
heading home after coming to our beaches.
We almost got on the parkway and saw the cars
backed up so we were fortunate to have a
side road to take. Of course neither of us
knew where we were hah

Welcome to summer at the Jersey Shore.

We fumbled  along and as we were finding our way,
suddenly we see a restaurant that we both really like.
So we decided hey when in Rome !
So we took advantage of our being lost and
stopped in for a nice dinner.

Oh the food is so good !
We are home, thankful for a blessed weekend
and ready for our show !
Tonight we learn the winner !
The Next Food Network Star !

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