Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crazy Week and Needed Blessing

I've had a hard crazy week.

My new co-worker started on Monday
and my other co-worker was sick all week.
So between trying to keep up with the
massive amount of work and train our
lovely new lady it was nuts!
Got home at 7 pm every night.
Just exhausted.

To say I forgot I was a Christian a few
times is an understatement.  UGH

Thankful that God forgives, understands
and offers new mercy every morning.

So today it was so nice to arrive home to
a treat !

Since I donated my wedding gown, I wanted
to have a keepsake from it other than photos.
I found this neat Esty site and ordered a

I took off some of the lace before I shipped
away my dress so I could have this bracelet made.
These photos are from her Etsy site but
my bracelet looks just like it.

Isn't it just the loveliest idea?

And best news of all ~ tomorrow is Friday and
we are going away to visit my dearest friends
in PA ! ! !

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