Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dinner For Hubby

I had a doctor apt today
So I took a full vacation day as not to
be rushed and crazy.
Cardiologist apt - not a good time
to show up stressed hah

I was blessed to receive good news.
I started on cholesterol drugs
and they have done wonders in
3 months.  Cholesterol is way down.

Still need to watch the BP numbers
and try to incorporate exercise but
I am getting there ; )

Since I was home I decided to make
a special dinner for my hubby.
I headed to shop rite early this AM.

Picked up his favorite things.
Rice Pilaf (Near East brand)
Grands Pillsbury dinner rolls.

 He enjoyed it.
It was funny I left the house only twice
today.  Once to go to shop rite
and once to go to doctor.
It was sunny all day except for the two times
above. It rained so hard both times I was out
I just cracked up as I couldn't believe it.
I got this photo from a friend on facebook.
Here is a road about 2 miles from my house.
It poured so hard we had flash floods.
Within 5 minutes sun was out and water was gone.
I can sure understand how quickly God was
able to wipe out the earth during Noah's time.
Last rainbow I saw was in Hawaii -
Gods promise to never flood the earth again : )


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