Saturday, August 3, 2013


Hubby and I are not really phone people.
I talk 8 hours a day at work on the phone
so I really have no desire to chat once I'm
home.  But I do like a cell phone for safety.

We finally decided to upgrade from our
old fashion flip dial phone to a new Tracfone.

We were blessed to get a great deal on HSN.
We get triple minutes for life !

I just ordered this case.
I love PINK and polka dots ; )
I set up all my contacts ~ phew
that took a while.  I like the larger
icons and print. I can see it without
my reader glasses hah
Today we picked up my Aunt Linda from
the train station in Newark.
She is up visiting from Florida.
Her Mom lives here and is getting
quite elderly and Linda wants to
try and persuade her to go back
to Florida with her. Praying that goes well.
This is Aunt Linda with her husband Barry.
After we dropped off Aunt Linda at her cousins we went to
the Mall. It was raining and nasty so what else
can you do? hah
Well, I purchased this adorable Totes rain hat.
Couldn't wait to wear it.
Guess what? When we walked out
of the mall the sun was shining !!!

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