Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Like Old Times

Tonight I had a very special treat.
I attended the Annual Peach Festival at
the church I attended as a child.
With my Aunt Rose and Aunt Linda from
Florida and my good friends Michelle and

I was in the children's choir, Sunday school &
VBS.  This church gave me my
Christian foundation.

I also had my Kindergarten in this church.
At that time there was no room at the town
school to hold the Kindergarten so we had
school 1/2 day at the church.

At that time I had no idea I would one day
attend this church.

I attended until I was in my late teens then I
stopped attending church but always held on
to the Lord.  A few years later my co-worker
witnessed to me and I received the Lord as
my personal Savior and started attending
Calvary Baptist Church. The foundation I
received from this little church never left me.

I have such amazing memories as a child and
young teen going here.
I still remember the lyrics to the song we
would sing outside the church on the lawn
every morning before VBS started.

Our sweet Reverend  Mr. West would come out
and he would get us children all riled up. hah
Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry Pie
V * I * C * T *O * R * Y
Do we love the Lord?
Yes you bet.
Oceanport Bible School
hah Not bad since I haven't
sung that song for 43 years
Most of the dear folks I remember
have gone on to be with the Lord
and they have no idea the impact
and importance their serving made
in young lives like mine.

Oh the peaches are so good !

The cake and ice cream are good also.

I was blessed to pickup this cookbook
from the church. 
What a special night !

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