Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Had a wonderful day. Started the day with a wonderful breakfast made by hubby. He can make some killer french toast ! (I managed to cook the bacon- maybe there is hope for me after all hah) Then we opened our gifts. Hubby got me a new cherrywood desk chair. It is so nice. Then my biggest surprise I am typing on right now. A PINK laptop - DELL. I love my DELL ! He also got me a PINK wireless mouse of course. hah
I am so blessed. We had a lovely dinner at my Aunt's house. Two much food of course. hah My cousin is the cook and she does a great job.

Of course we know the best gift of all this day is JESUS.
God coming to earth. Emanual. God is with us.

P.S. hoping to be able to post more photo's soon. Having some frustrating problems with my new camara. My gosh the batteries don't last at all ? Now it won't load to my computer. I am going to buy a cardreader because they say it will save the battery. We'll see.
Oh for the days of my little throw away camara. hah


  1. How fun! A PINK Dell laptop! Have you tried lithium batteries for your camera? They last longer on my camera!! I sure wish I would have bought a rechargable camera! :)

  2. Thanks for the battery idea. I am still having trouble. Couldn't get it to turn on this weekend. Thinking it could have a problem.
    I am considering returning it for a new one to see if it is a problem with me or the camara hah

  3. Gosh, I am behind on your blog aren't I? So awesome about the new laptop! I also have a Dell laptop and love it! Not sure how I survived before I had my laptop!

    I know what you mean too about the trouble with cameras and batteries. My batteries have to be replaces a couple of times a week! Not fun but all the cameras that I liked were ones that couldn't be recharged. Oh well...maybe next camera!