Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Tree & Village ho ho ho

I wanted to join in the fun and share our little tree and Christmas village. This tree was our first tree when we got married in 2007. I don't have a photo of our current tree and by the time I get my film developed it will be New Year hah

I like country decorations and old tin ornaments. The sign at the top reads: COUNTRY CHRISTMAS We laugh because I live in a very busy NJ right on a highway but I decorate like I live out in the country somewhere. Hey a girl can dream right !

I love the village. After Christmas I buy one new house and a few of the people each year. I especially love the little people making snow angels on the right side.

The reindeer behind the tree on the bottom right was my grandmothers. We always had this out under the tree every Christmas. It is very, very old. I love it.


  1. your tree is so cute! i love country trees! xoxo

  2. So neat that you have a such a big collection of country village items. My step-mom has a similar collection and it's just so pretty to see them up close.

    Your tree is cute too!