Sunday, December 6, 2009

Relaxing Sunday

Having a relaxing Sunday. I like those. Went to church. I love each week when we light the Advent candle as Christmas grows closer. We sang all Christmas carole's this week and it was great. Did some grocery shopping and picked up a gift for my hubby. But other then that it has been relax, computer, tv and fun. I did spend extra time outside with Solomon. Living in an apartment and not having a fenced in yard I think he sometimes gets cabin fever. Poor guy. So I took him for a longer walk and sat out on our front porch steps. This is one of his favorite things. He watches the cars go bye and just eats it up. Also it is Mom's attention 100%, I'm sure that makes it even more fun. Brought him in and played a little ball with him. Being 12 1/2 years old he runs after the ball about 4 times then it is OVER. hah Now he is dead asleep in his bed. Wonder if any good movies are on Lifetime tonight? I just love some of these corney cheesey Christmas Lifetime movies. My favorite is Three Days with Kristen Davis.

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