Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girls Morning Out

This morning my hubby went to the Men's Breakfast at Church

So I had some free time to hang out with Auntie.

First we headed to breakfast.  We have the neatest little
place in Monmouth Beach called My Kitchen Witch.
It is decorated so cute !  I love their food too.
(Hubby calls it a "girly" place hah)

Here I am getting ready to enjoy my breakfast.

My inside photos got blurry but here is one from the internet.
It is just decorated so cute. Wish you could see it better.
 All things wizard of Oz.

The food is soooo good!
Here is what Auntie and I both had.
Trying to continue on my healthy eating plan.
Staying away from the potatoes and bacon etc

This is mulit-grain bread, fresh spinach, poached eggs,
 feta and grapes.  WOW so good !

They also have delicious baked goods.

They do catering for Film and TV.
Here are just a few they have done:

Worst Cooks in America 2010 2011 2012
Turner Upfronts 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Jazz at Lincoln Center 2009 2010 2011 2012
Project Runway 2009 2010 2011 2012
Cartoon Network Upfronts 2010 2011 2012

They have the cutest gifts:

Is this coffee mug adorable or what?

After breakfast we headed to Pier Village in Long Branch NJ.

When I was growing up we enjoyed going to the pier.
It had the best Haunted Mansion. So scary but so fun.
I remember laughing so hard with my girlfriends trying to
get to the outside.  The last part of the journey was a
smokey, cemetery with headstones and real live people
dressed as goulies, we ran so fast my friend lost her shoe.
And she was not about to go back in to get it.
Suddenly the door flew open and one of the "goulies" tossed it out to her. hah
We just about died laughing.  Great childhood memory.

Then sadly a fire in 1987 destroyed the pier and most  of the stores.
Including the Haunted Mansion.

Here's a photo of the pier fire.
It was so sad. A huge part of our local history gone.

Famous Max's Hot dogs gone.
Fortunately they reopened in a new location.

The pier sat vacant for a long time.
Nothing but the burnt remains.

Then they developed it into what is now Pier Village.
It is a large shopping area with very expensive condo's
Some folks were not happy with the redevelopment.
Others were happy it wasn't just wasting away.
I can understand both sides of the argument.

The ocean was beautiful this morning.

Volley ball nets.

Enjoying our day.

One of the shops we stopped in at Pier Village was
Carter & Cavero's.
Old World Oil

Here's Auntie shopping.

Then we visited the Armenian church in our area.
Hubby told me they were having a flea market.
It is such a beautiful building.

Saint Stepanos Armenian Church

This photo turned out a bit too blurry but you can see the many tables.

I purchased this beautiful cookbook from the church.
Hoping I can master cooking some of the dishes my
mother-in-law makes so wonderfully.

I really enjoy my husbands Armenian heritage.
It is so interesting to learned about his culture.

My family is a "Heinz 57" so we didn't really
have any traditions or special foods pertaining to
heritage. So it is really nice to be in a family like
my in-laws to enjoy their customs.

After the flea market we headed to Kohl's. I had to run an
errand for hubby. I got a nice little dress for our annual
Father's Day BBQ with my hubby's entire family.
It is up in Hyde Park NY.  Looking forward to it.

His cousin Mitch is an expert at the BBQ.
He is famous for his ribs !

Oh man, I am saving up calories all week to have some of those !

It was only about 1 pm by now and I planned on going home,
getting some "housework" done and maybe some office work.
First we stopped for a quick refreshment at McDonald's.

Oh my goodness,  the new cafe' drink with mocha,
carmel and chocolate chips !

A touch of Heaven in a cup ! hah

The food smelled so good. I will admit this girl use to be a
McDonald's junk food junkie. Hence the need for a diet.

Oh my, back in the day give me some of this:

And also some of this

Then you had one "happy" girl.

But fortunately,  I am older now and wiser ; )

And eating right feels like this:

Okay I need to get my mind out of McDonald's fast
 and back into blogging about my day. hah

We just finished our refreshment and were walking to my car to head home
to do my housework and office work, because hubby would be
gone all day right?

Suddenly, this rings:

It's hubby he is home early . . .

He wants to go out to dinner  . . .  ah let's see

housework - out to dinner with hubby

housework - out to dinner with hubby

What's a girl to do?

I just know you figured out the answer.

Off to Cornucopia Restaurant.
This is a great little place.
We go there often.
Great food, huge portions.
Great prices. Friendly staff.

Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.

Ecclesiastes 9:7

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  1. Maryellen, I have to say you are doing GREAT on your healthy eating plan if you passed on those delicious-looking muffins at the Kitchen Witch!!! That would be my downfall!!

    Looks like you had a fun day!!