Tuesday, June 5, 2012

God's Always Has a Plan

My friend Lynette, after struggling with infertility is adopting
a precious little girl from China.
She named her Phoebe.

I had purchased this doll at the QVC outlets in
Lancaster PA about a year ago or more.
At the time I bought her, I wasn't really sure why
I was buying her. She was so cute she caught my eye.
She seemed so lonely just sitting on the shelf.
Something impressed on me to purchase her.

 Isn't she cute?

Lately every time I walked past her in my apartment,
I thought about Lynette and sweet Phoebe.
I just knew she needed to belong to them.

Today I dropped her off to Lynette and here she is in her new home.
She is just waiting for sweet Phoebe's arrival.

And how awesome the day I drop her off, Lynette &
 her hubby get their TA.
Which is the final approval needed to go get Phoebe. 
So cool !

Now I understand the pull I had to purchase little dolly.

It was God working and preparing a sweet gift for a very
special little girl.

God had a special plan and purpose for little dolly.
Just like He had a special plan and purpose for Lynette.
Just like He had a special plan and purpose for Phoebe.
Just like He has one for all of us !

He has made everything beautiful in its time.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

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