Sunday, November 18, 2012

God AMAZES me - He is so FAITHFUL

I have to share am awesome story.
Today we had tickets to see the Broadway show
About Amiee Semple McPherson

It was written by Kathie Lee Gifford.
I have always been a huge fan of hers.
I love how she holds on to her faith
through such challenges in life.

The child workers scandal, her husbands unfaithfulness,
the death of her dear Dad.
Almost losing her sister.

We started out heading into NYC after church.
On the ride in I am teasing my hubby and talking out loud
to God. Sort of kidding but hoping in my heart seriously.
I said, Okay Lord, we really need a close parking space.
(They are almost impossible to find in NYC)
Then I would sure love to see Kathie Lee.
Hubby is just driving along smiling, shaking his head.

The play was at 3 pm so we had time for a bite
to eat.

We ate at Ellen's Stardust Diner.
WOW What a crazy place.

The waiters and waitresses sing while you eat and it
is really loud. I mean really loud.

It was fun! The food was great too.
All the food is named after Hollywood stars.
I had Gene Kelly's Beef Stew. It was really good.

Then we left and headed to the theater.
All week long I have been teasing my hubby that I was going
to phone Kathie Lee and Frank so they could sit with us.
Our tickets were for the last row. My hubby said, "I doubt they
will sit in the last row".

Well, I am furiously scanning the crowd hoping to see
Kathie Lee.  I see Ben Verene come in. That was exciting.
I have always loved him.

Then I see a soap opera star that
I recognized but don't recall her name. Then I see a lady
who is a counselor on TV but I don't recall her name.
But NO Kathie Lee.

Then it is time for the play to start. Hubby and I are in the last
row and there are no people sitting in the 3 rows in front of us.
All of a sudden I see her !  YES Kathie Lee comes in.
She was wearing a hat and quietly sits down right in front of us
as not to draw attention to herself.

So now in these last 3 rows are just Kathie Lee, hubby and ME !
So technically she was sitting with us. hah


Now the 15 minute intermission starts and she leaves.
I think, maybe she is heading home.
Nope, she returns to her seat. Now a few folks
recognize her and start to chat with her.
Hubby says, "Go talk to her" I say, "I don't want
to bug her"  "I feel bad"  He persists, "Go talk
to her or you will regret it forever" He encourages
and encourages me and I finally say, "Okay I'll try"
I go over to her and this lady is talking to her
on and on and on . I feel foolish standing there waiting.
I am almost ready to give up and they stop talking.
I tap her on the shoulder and she turns to me.
I told her how much I admire her and have been a fan.
I thanked her for being a "Light" in the darkness of the
media. Then I started to cry.  (HAH menopause I guess)
Then she gets teared up and thanks me. She said, "They
are trying to put out this light also" She was referring
to the play because you hear the gospel during the play.
The critics have been especially cruel to her as always.
I told her, We won't let them put out this light.
She thanked me so much again and was very
kind and gracious. She looked lovely and was just
delightful.  I was so happy !

Here is a photo from Opening night on Thursday.

This is the 3rd silly prayer God has answered for me.

I wanted to see Michael Pslakais, a Greek chef, when
we ate at his restaurant. Right before we were leaving
he comes walking in and almost runs right into me.

Then I wanted to see Harry Connick Jr after a play we
saw with him and I run right into him on the sidewalk outside.

God is amazing ! He just loves to answer even our
most silly prayers and bless his child !

Here are a few more photos from the play:

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