Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

WOW this is a post I would have never
imagined having to write.

Hurricane Sandy blew into NJ and did
massive damage.

Devastated our beloved Jersey Shore ; (

I am so thankful that we did okay.
Not any real damage to our apartment or cars.
Minor things here and there but nothing in
comparison to other families.

We were without power for 3 1/2 days.
Now that is a real eye-opener.

I found myself praying, "Lord, I am
spoiled." " I never realized how much
until now."  "I hate this being

Knowing full well compared to so
many things in life having no power
is minor but being so spoiled even
this is hard to bare.

I thought Lord I am ashamed.
I wouldn't last 5 minutes if I lived
in Africa or other places where
people suffer.   My goodness.

I was so happy when we got our
power back and life returned to
some normalcy.

Here are a few photos from
the storm:

This town is not far from my house.

Our boardwalk

Every store

You just can't believe what has happened:


Some of my co-workers live in this town

Our Governor Christie trying to comfort this poor distraught lady.
He is doing a great job !

Floating yellow cabs.

Storm was just huge in size

Lines for gas for generators

Human Spirit - see sign
Angels Gather Here !

3 hour wait in lines for gas

I just walked in this town for Walk for Life

The road my hubby use to take home from work.

Sand  completely covering the boardwalk

Seaside roller coaster

Look at this photo of statue of liberty !

We will rebuild !

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  1. Your pictures really tell a clear story of the devastation! 3and1/2 days without power would seem like an eternity to most of us...and I am sure there are so many people still without power! So heart breaking to think of the victims of this storm's power and rage! We continue to pray for them.

    Love, Linda