Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sea Bright NJ

Hubby took me on a ride today.
We drove down what is called
Ocean Avenue.
This road runs right down along the ocean.
From Sea Bright to Belmar.
Oh my gosh.
As much as I saw on TV what happened.
As much as I saw on facebook photos.
As much as people told me about these town.
Seeing it with my own eyes and knowing
how it looked this summer was shocking!

The photos are great because I was in the a moving car.
This was a beach club.

Every house for miles had debris piled high.
You drive past and see a families life.
Valuable, memories - We saw many folks
working and digging through the debris hoping
for anything that could be saved.

piles of debris

Every store boarded up

So sad, instead of summer umbrellas and sun tents
there are now, Military tents housing national guardsmen
helping with the restoration.

Piles and piles of debris

Trees uprooted, sand piles everywhere

These are cabanas from the beach club. Hard to see in the
photo but they are tilted almost 1/2 way over

This is Monmouth Beach Community Center

What use to be the lovely boardwalk to walk - piles of debris.
Not one single board left to walk on.

We drove past the pavilion in Belmar where we always
have the Walk For Life. It is right on the boardwalk and
is really lovely.  We just did the walk on Sept 30th.


120 Walkers representing 29 churches raised a total $41,855

Here are the photos I took

Here we are before we headed off !

Who would have ever imagined just 4 weeks later this
entire Pavilion would be gone and the entire boardwalk gone!

Now all you see are safety fences and sand. Not one
single piece of this boardwalk remains.
I saw walkers today walking in the road on pavement.

Here is a video showing the wonderful work of
Calvary Chapel to help folks:
You will see a Pastor in the end Bruce& Karen Koczmen.
I use to attend their church before I married and now go to
my husbands fellowship. They are doing wonderful work.

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