Sunday, November 11, 2012

Serving & Blessings


Hubby and I wanted to do a little something
for the hurricane Sandy victims.
We are so blessed to have not lost anything
but power. And we felt so helpless amid
so much suffering.

The congregation of a church I use to attend in
Highlands NJ - a hard hard hit area is
serving hot food daily from 12 - 5 pm
to folks in the neighborhood who are now
without homes. (the church itself was
flooded and is in such need too)

Highlands was one of the hardest hit areas
near where we live.

This town now has no post office, no
municipal building, no library,
no schools, no business, no restaurants
and no homes.  Total devastation.



This is a photo from the churches website.


I am not a good cook and have very little skills.
But I wanted so much to try to contribute and help
feed these dear people something warm.

So I decided on

Hot dogs

Pork and Beans

Ketchup and mustard


They also needed hangers for all the clothing
donations.  This is such a God story.
About a month ago I cleaned out our closets
and wanted to switch all the metal hangers to
the plastic hangers.  Well, I had a big bag of
metal hangers. I had them in the back of our
car to donate to the laundry mat.
For some reason, we kept forgetting to give
them each time we did our laundry.
Well the hurricane hits and I find out
that they are in desperate need of hangers !
WOW - so thankful we still had these
and could donate them to these folks.

From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.  Luke 12:48


After church, Hubby and I had tickets to see ELF on Broadway.
It was a nice break from all the sadness of the hurricane.
We felt a little guilty being able to move on and enjoy so much
while others are still suffering but we know that our lives have
to go on while we continue to help in anyway we can.

So off we headed to NYC

Oh my goodness what a delightful
play - I never saw the movie so
I had no idea what it was about.

Buddy was so cute !

Santa was "NEWMAN" from Seinfeld.
I wanted to yell out "HELLO NEWMAN" hah
Hubby wouldn't let me, he's no fun ! hah

Here he is playing Santa!

I cried when Buddy and his Dad made up.
Hubby said, are you crying at Elf?
I said, Sure am. hah

After the play we had those delicious hamburgers
from 5 Napkin Burgers.

I know don't say it . . . so GOOD !

Please continue to keep NJ in prayer
as we recover . . .

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