Saturday, November 17, 2012

Armenian Food Festival

Today we went to my mother-in-laws church.
They had a festival.

My husband's cousin Adriane was the event coordinator.
She did a great job.

The food was delicious.
This is called Lehmejun.
It is almost like a pizza but Armenian style.

They also served other Armenian dishes.

Grilled Chicken Kebab
Spinach Pie

Bakes goods:  Bourma, Cheese Beoreg,
Cheoreg, Eetch, Hummus, Kharpet Kufteh,
Cream Khadayif, Manti, Paklava, Simmit cookies,
Spinach Beoreg, Tourshi and Yalanchi.

I'm learning to enjoy all these dishes since marrying my guy.

They had a lot of vendors selling all kinds of jewelry and gifts.
Gary's cousin Donna is so talented.
Not only does she bake the most amazing cakes. She made
us a fantastic wedding cake. But she crochets beautiful scarves.
And she made the most precious turkeys.

Hubby bought one for each of his Sunday School kids.
They are made with oreo's, candy corn, peanut butter cup and
malt ball heads.

It was a nice blessed day !

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