Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coney Island NY

I've lived in New Jersey all my life.
I've been to NYC many, many times
especially since I married my Bronx NY

But I have NEVER been to Coney Island.

So today was the day - hubby decided he would
take me to Coney Island.

I wanted one of those famous Nathan's Hot Dogs.
Now I am dieting and watching my blood pressure -
so this is a big deal for me - a real treat.

This is my one "allowed" hot dog for the summer of 2012 :)

So we got up early and off we go . . .

Every good day must start out with a hearty breakfast.
Since we were heading to NYC we decided to have
breakfast there also.

We went to a wonderful place called
Popover Cafe.  My goodness those popovers !

Here is mine . . .
They are huge !
Could only eat 1/2.
It will taste just as good tomorrow.

I had french toast with coconut & cinnamon with bananas

Hubby had something called a Flopover hah
It is  an eggy, baked pancake ( like a hearty crepe) filled with
sauteed apples, pears & currants topped with cinnamon sugar
and sour cream.

He said it was really delicious.
Photo is a bit blurry but you get the idea.

Here we are on the way to Coney Island.
This is the Manhattan Bridge.

Here I am we made it !

Map of all the action on Coney Island

Here's my hubby

A close up - he has his eyes open too  YEAH
(that never happens in photos hah)

The rides amazed me.
My gosh either I am getting old or I am getting wiser
or more chicken hah

This was my speed - Merry-Go-Round

The Wonder Wheel.
It is soooo big.
It is not like any Ferris Wheel I've ever seen
The cars move back and forth when it turns.

This was so high I could not believe it.

This is the world famous Cyclone roller coaster.

When the Cyclone opened on June 26, 1927, a ride cost only twenty-five cents, about $3.50 when adjusted for inflation in 2012 compared to the actual $8 per ride for the 2012 Season.

The Coney Island Cyclone (better known as simply the Cyclone) is a historic wooden roller coaster in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, New York City. On June 18, 1975, Dewey and Jerome Albert, owners of Astroland Park, contracted to operate the Cyclone under an agreement with New York City. The roller coaster was completely rehabilitated and opened to enthusiastic crowds on July 1, 1975. Since that time, Astroland Park and the Albert family has invested millions of dollars in the upkeep of the Cyclone.Since Astroland closed in 2008, Carol Hill Albert, president of Cyclone Coasters, continues to operate the Cyclone under a lease agreement with the City.The Cyclone was declared a New York City landmark on July 12, 1988, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on June 26, 1991.

Look at this one - upside down !

How about this spooky ride?
I would have enjoyed this as a teenager.

Hubby and I played this kiddie game.
We went fishing.

Hubby won me this little fellow.
He named him Herschel.

We went to the New York Aquarium.

This guy would swim right up to the glass.

Here's a better photo of him from the internet

We saw this big turtle too but my photo didn't turn out.
Here is one from the internet.
He looked like he was sound asleep when we saw him.

Look at this shark

You could really see his razor sharp teeth.

Outside my hubby spotted this baby turtle having some sun!

Can you see the penguins in the background.
All we think about when we see them is the
penguins from Madagascar hah

I love, love, love the otters.
So darn cute.
I laughed so hard at this guy just floating on his back.

The lily pads had beautiful flowers -
wish you could see them better in my photo

It was so cute - every child we passed
looking at any of the fish, all you would
hear is "Where is Nemo?"

I mean every child said it. hah

Then after the Aquarium it was finally lunch time. hah
I had been patiently waiting for my "hot dog"

Nathan’s Famous was founded by a Polish immigrant, Nathan Handwerker, and his is truly an authentic “only in America story.” He started his business in 1916 with a small hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York. He sold hot dogs that were manufactured based on a recipe developed by his wife, Ida.
In the over 95 years that have passed since opening day, Nathan’s has gained worldwide recognition for the unequaled quality and taste of its product. Today, Nathan’s has gained reputation for being among the highest quality hot dogs in the world.

Last year there were over 425 million Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs sold! Today, Nathan’s is sold and enjoyed in all 50 States and sold at over 40,000 food service and retail outlets.

One for hubby and one for ME !.
It was soooo good too!
I enjoyed and savored each bite hah

Nah, I didn't enjoy that Coney Island Nathan's hot dog !
Such a shame. .

This is how we felt after our hot dogs !  hah

A few more photos of Coney Island

The beach was beautiful - not a single wave.
Looked like a lake.

They had a real neat exercise area on the beach.
A few guys were working out.
I was impressed with their pull ups.

After Coney Island fun, Hubby wanted to stop for his
favorite Italian Ice.

A place called:  The Lemon Ice King of Corona.
Located in Queens NY.
It is the place seen on the opening of The King of Queens TV show.
Where Doug drops his ice cream hah

Here's a little history:

The Benfaremo family have been making Italian ices for over 60 years. Started by his father, Nicola, Peter Benfaremo, "the King" made Italian ices into an art form. Squeezing cases of lemons and oranges to get the true taste in his production and all our flavors have real fruit pieces in them from blueberry to watermelon.

The Lemon Ice King of Corona has been recognized as the standard for Italian ices. It has received award of distinction form Zagat and also featured in numerous magazines as a must place to visit. Today there are many people making Italian ices but it is always great to hear "You are still the one."

Here's hubby checking out all the flavors.

They have 3 dozen flavors of Ices.

I got Mint Chip.
It was really minty and good.
Gary got pistachio.

I really enjoyed my day in Coney Island.
Thanks to my tour-guide hubby !

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