Sunday, July 22, 2012

Memories Photos

I downloaded some old photos for my Aunt Rose.
I wanted to "capture" them on my blog.
When I create my blog to print book I wanted to
be sure I had these special photos included.
These span a period of almost 5 years.
Yeah, my Aunt doesn't move too fast on the photos hah

So this is just a hodge podge of photos:

This is me meeting my new baby cousin Conor.
Conor was our first "baby" in a long time.

My Mom, Lori with Conor

This is my cousin Tanya,
Conor's Aunt

This is my cousin Jenn,
Conor's Mom

This is Brian,
Conor's Dad, Jen's hubby

Pop Pop trying to keep
both "kids" happy

This is a few years later
Conor grown up and a new
baby Cara joined the family

This is baby Cara

Conor with Dad, Brian

My Aunt Rose and Conor
She is Conor's Nana

This is Jeannie my god-daughter
and her daughter Alexandra
at her 8th grade graduation

This is Cindy my friend from age 8.
She is Alexandra's Nana
and Aunt Rose

Jeannie's family
Husband Jorge and son AJ

 Conor and Cara
Two little cousins.

Nana's a real good sport!

Cara's 1st birthday

Cara is adorable and quite feisty.
She is a handful of fun!

Snow baby

This sweet boy had the most amazing curls !

Sweet photo of Brian & Jen

Uncle Mike & Aunt Rose
Childhood sweethearts
Still going strong  . . .xoxoxo

Me and my Hubby, Gar

Group photo
Cousin Tanya,
Aunt Rose,
Scott, Tanya's boyfriend
Cousin Jen
Brian, Jen's hubby
Uncle Mike

As you will see we are big time
DOG people.
We love our doggies

This is me and Carmela.
She was a bull mastiff.
I loved this big girl.
She was Brian and Jen's doggie.
She has since passed way.
She was a true gentle giant.
She was abused and so, so timid.
Jen and Brian rescued her.
They gave her a wonderful life
for 9 years.
We miss you Carmela girl.

Carmela and Nana

Look at the face.

This is Lucy
Newest member
Brian & Jen's new puppy.

This is Static
My Aunt & Uncle's dog
He's a puggle

Static or Stat-man as we call him,
has one interest in life.
He is just too much !
This is how you usually find him
Around the food is and hoping for some hah

This is Tonka & Paris
They are my cousin Tanya's babies
They scare me to death hah
Actually they are both really
sweet pit bulls.
(but they still scare me ; )

You can see they are very
loved by their grandfather.

I couldn't post the "family" dogs
without including my sweet Solomon

Thanks Aunt Rose for sharing your photos
Even if they spanned several years hah

What a perfect verse for a memories post !

I thank my God every time I remember you.
Phillippians 1:3

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